OIWC 2014 Pioneering Woman Award presented to Trips for Kids Executive Director

September 8, 2014

San Rafael, California – September 8, 2014 - Marilyn Price, founder and Executive Director of Trips for Kids, received the prestigious Pioneering Woman Award for the Bike Industry at this year’s Interbike Tradeshow in Las Vegas. Presented by the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC), the Pioneering Woman Award honors women in the outdoor industry who have furthered the vision of the OIWC by demonstrating an outstanding commitment to mentoring female colleagues. An accomplished entrepreneur, Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductee, environmental advocate and social activist, Price pioneered the use of the mountain bike as a vehicle for change through her founding of Trips for Kids International (TFK). Trips for Kids provides mountain bike outings, bicycle mechanics training and environmental education for low income, at-risk girls and boys worldwide.

“Marilyn’s work in building the Trips for Kids international organization over the past 25 years has placed her in the spotlight as a leader and role model” said Patricia Gallery, Trips for Kids board member. “She is an inspiration to women working as organizational leaders, community organizers and volunteers both inside and outside the industry as well as to the young girls who are served by Trips for Kids chapters across the world”. “Many of the girls who attend our programs come from cultures where women are taught to follow traditional female roles models” said Marilyn Price. “In contrast, their experience at Trips for Kids offers them an alternative view: a balanced mix of female and male volunteers of all ages who are physically fit, strong and skilled at both riding and at fixing bikes. “To see those girls cresting the top of a mountain victoriously – the very same girls that earlier in the day said they couldn't do it – is what Trips for Kids is all about”.

Under Marilyn’s leadership, Trips for Kids has evolved into a robust international organization that has provided the framework and support community for other entrepreneurs like her to start and operate their own TFK chapters. Since founding the model Marin County program in 1988, over 80 TFK chapters have been established - over 30 of them founded and run by women. On the flip side, more than 100,000 kids, 34% of them young girls, have had the chance to experience the joy and the challenge of riding mountain bike trails.

About Trips for Kids

Trips for Kids is an international 501(c)3 community service organization based in Marin County, California. Founded in 1988, its programs give underserved youth an opportunity to experience the joy and challenge of mountain bikingwhile learning valuable life skills, environmental awareness and an appreciation for the outdoors. There are over 80 Trips for Kids chapters across North America, Israel and Africa. For more information, go to learning valuable life skills and an appreciation for the outdoors. There are over 80 Trips for Kids chapters across North America, Israel and Africa. For more information, go to

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